Jun 2, 2009

Turning Point of My Life

Seven different days with seven different ways,
Seven times He revealed one verse that says;
"My unconditional love for you never fails",
A verse which awakens me from a life of no avail,
From a song that touches my soul,
To a movie with tears I could not hold,
A message of Light which caught my attention,
A testimony so real that I have to mention.
“Was it a miracle or was it just thoughts?”
Seven times He made it crystal clear,
Seven times in me, His presence felt so near,
The warmth of His endless love, the touch of His gentle hands,
A change from an empty desert of cold white sands,
To the person who I am today,
Living with purpose fulfilling each day,
No longer a blank paper that wished to be tore,
As I spread His piercing Words which touches me to the core.
“Will I strife on with the life blessed by a loving God?”

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