Jun 21, 2009

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts,
Hot like tarts,
So captivating,
Very enticing,
Pots of boiling hare,
Make us a perfect pair.

Tigger dreams as he bounces,
On his way to Gates of Graces,
Thoughts of his enthralling beauty,
So bold as indeed she is pretty,
Feelings held towards her subjects,
Cruel demands, off with their heads.

So highly yet she takes notice,
On this little novice,
Never before Tigger had a partner,
Never ever in this manner,
From the Gates into the Hall of Heavens,
Search of sight, beauty among maidens.

Up to the altar,
Just a simple desire,
As the High Priest lays his hands,
Lowered his head, Tigger bends,
Shower of ray,
Blessing of the day.

Lady Queen took special concern,
Any hearts would turn,
Exchange of letter,
Days came better,
Went to theaters,
And for dinners.

Admire, he was to her,
Secretly as he cheer,
Taking one step at a time,
Beauty of sublime,
Inner excitement, a nuisance,
Outer perseverance.

Off goes Lady Queen for a mission,
But Tigger had a vision,
Day and night he practises,
For his lady whom he misses,
Skills of Sword he learnt,
Passion deeply burnt.

With Panda brothers every night,
Towards the goal in suits of knight,
Pooh Bear came to call,
For a gathering for them all,
For a toast towards victory,
A prize of ivory.

Across the oceans Tigger travels,
On his little ship of barrels,
In search of new green pasture,
Where the wind stops, be it nature,
Word came across to Lady Queen,
Worries, feeling so mean.

At last, wind stops to blow,
Tigger was happy and ready to glow,
A new beginning of challenges,
Different views and ranges,
New home as he sets to build,
While in search for a guild.

Queen of Hearts sent a dove,
And starts off the friendship love,
In his patience he will wait,
As it is never too late,
For invitation from her,
To the Temple of Light and for dinner.

As Tigger received her scroll,
Bouncing as he rock and roll,
A step closer to his queen,
Something not to be too keen,
Oh what will this friendship ends to be?
The next episode we shall see.

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