Jun 6, 2009


Obvious it was I who shouldn't take,
The turn I took lead me to mistake,
Away I lose myself to a twisting maze,
Consequences after is what I face,
Oh, how graceful God is to me,
Dead end He never let me be,
Sending signs of how wrong I have been,
Back to Your Arms, I am very keen,
Forgive my soul, against You, I have sinned,
Upon His Shoulders I should have leaned,
Help me, oh Lord, make the path straight,
No longer shall I be lost and afraid,
Love me unfailingly, You revealed,
Broken heart of mine, You healed,
Be my shield, my strength,
Throughout my life of insignificant length,
To overcome my weaknesses,
To deliver me from wickedness,
Praise You Lord for remembering,
Your servant here who means nothing,
Yet to You, I am precious,
You alone are my Glorious.

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