May 31, 2009

The Elephant Jump

Five Four Three Two One,
The giant of the forest went rum pa pump pump,
It was Giant, Mr. Elephant who was heard to come,
What a day has it become?
As Mr. Elephant was challenged to jump!

One heavy trunk and two huge tusks,
Body covered with mud just like body mask,
Four gigantic legs and a tiny string tail,
Two big ears sized of a ship sail,
To jump, a challenge Mr. Elephant had never put to task.

All the creatures of the forest were anticipating,
What if the jump break the world into pieces?
Would the jump of Mr. Elephant be disastrous?
To save the forest, the challenge he took without anxious,
As the Lion sat and smile slyly as he teases.

Five Four Three Two One,
The forest chanted as the countdown started,
With all his might he jumped closing an eye,
A monkey collapsed on the ground with heart-attack and die,
The moment was sealed in silence as his legs landed.

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