Nov 30, 2013

All He Cared Was...

Just others,
Laugh at the movie without any bothers,
What balance does it take for emotions,
To be weight without any heavy baggage,
What he cared was not her feelings.

Oct 15, 2012


The battle of life,
Does it worth the strife? 

The gasp of air, 
Does it worth the despair?

The fall of heart, 
Does it worth the dart? 

The rush of time,
Does it worth the chime?

The carve of smile,
Does it worth the mile?

Sep 28, 2012

28 Wish List

1. A quiet day for me 2. Get a new hairdo 3. Massage and spa 4. Facial Treatment 5. KLCC Sky Bridge 6. Go to an art gallery 7. Watch an orchestra symphony 8. Skate on real snow 9. Write to 28 random people on a snail mail 10. Wax 11. Manipedicure 12. Walk in a park 13. Watch the sky 14. Bake a cake 15. A theme park 16. Finish 28 anime series 17. Go to a foreign country 18. Read 5 fiction books 19. Draw an art for Parent's wall 20. A model shoot 21. Write 28 poems 22. A new phone 23. New purse 24. New bag 25. Good 10 hours sleep 26. Quiet breakfast in a nice cafe 27. Personalized gift to 28 people 28. Get to know 28 more new friends :)

Jan 27, 2012


Time is like a dash of wind...
You can feel the rustle made by it...
Yet you can't see it rushing by...
Before you knew it, it has passed you by...
All it made was just mere memories...
As if you have experienced it....
Without the chance to keep it...
Just a way it gives the adrenaline...
Of hope in a split second...
The joy of a moment...
Treasure it while you can...
Time that never returns...

Jan 4, 2012

Gone is 2011, Here is 2012


Jan - Ipoh

Feb - First Ang Pau to Grandparents. 

Mar - Emotionless

Apr - First Trip to Shanghai 

May - Mom and Dad responded to altar call :)

Jun - Trip to Bukit Cahaya

Jul - Got back in love again + Bersih 2.0 Adrenaline

Aug - First Trip to Sabah

Sep - Wine Tasting

Oct - Bought the first digital Camera (Sony WX7) + Started as a Cell Group Leader

Nov - Combine Subzone Event + Started to serve in Counselling Ministry + First China Coating Show, Shanghai

Dec - First PAINtball experience + ChromeHeart and many testimonies from cell members

First Half Tentative Busy Events

Jan - CNY Celebration

Feb - Camerons 

Mar - Marathon

Apr - Easter Celebration

May - Retreat

Jun - Mission Trip