Jun 6, 2009

A True Friendship

This is dedicated to Sze Yan, my closest friend in uni:

Friends on earth are never forever,
If you think so, I think you have a fever,
Not all friends are true,
And remember, only One in heaven loves you,

The time in need is the time indeed,
To look upon Him first, it's the way to lead,
Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
As the Bible tells, listen with your heart, don't just nod.

Relationship with Him, no one can redeem,
Eternal intimacy, a passion of God for you that never dims,
A true friend He will always be,
To you and I, never to Him a "maybe".

As a friend to you, I am just passing by,
All I could offer is just support and a shoulder to cry,
As how you always did the same for me,
I am here always, you know where to find me.



  1. ant , now only i realize you have another blog in blogspot. lol. i truly appreciate to have you as my good sista :)

  2. haha... just opened not long ago. so you can read too rather than multiply! lol..