Jun 13, 2009

In the TRAPezium


I am struggling with situations in my life.
You have said, "Honour your parents",
I have made my choice to throw the dream,
And to follow what they want me to do,
And make them happy.

You also taught me, "Not to complain",
My heart is hurtful, but I must not complain,
I only need to pour them out to you,
Because You are the Only One for me,
You know me best.

You have said, "Love your enemies",
I find it hard to forgive them,
In Your Mighty Name, forgive them,
For they do not know the hurt You feel,
I feel it too.

In Your Name, forgive me,
For I have been negative,
For I hated the things that went wrong,
For I hated to live in this cage,
I know Lord, Your Love for me,
It is forever unfailing.

Your promises are always kept,
You know how hard for a human heart to accept these,
But I am trying my best,
I want to be righteous,
I want to have a bigger heart to love,
I want a closer relationship with You,
I want to depend on You,
I want to bless Your Name in my daily life,
These are all I have to offer to You,
I promise I will do my best for You.

Dear Lord,
I am crying out to You,
Don't just tell me You are here in me,
Speak to me, show Your Face,
I need You. I need You, Lord.

Let Your Glory shine,
Let me be your instrument,
Let me shine in Your Mighty Name.

1 comment:

  1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your path straight.