Jun 17, 2009


Living with 20 honeys,
5 for the stationed,
5 for the running,
5 for the legs,
1 for the hearing,
2 should be for the Head,
but used most for the stationed,
left none for the Head and none for myself.

Living with 1 smile,
Gone half to the rushing,
Gone half to the stationed
Left none to shine at.

Living with full tank energy,
3/4 of it gone to the rushing,
1/4 gone with the stationed,
left none for myself.

Rose did the dead,
But dead is the rose,
Pricking thorns,
Endless pain.

Voice of life spoke,
But voice of death speaks,
Threatened to win,
But heart of loss.

Standing high above,
Looking down below,
Sight with visions,
Tears of illusion.

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