Jun 3, 2009

Life For Thought

Life Indeed Is...

Life indeed is tough,
The road is winding; the challenges are rough,
Life has much to offer,
When you gone wrong; you will suffer,
Life is not that pretty,
It is yours to protect; no time for pity,
Life is a bit fuck-up,
When u need help; people are stuck-up,
Life is not just a game,
Act like a bump; then you are lame,
Life is endless in nature,
When something just ended; you head for the future,
Life is making you miserable,
You want something; had to beg under the table,
Life is cruel in a way,
Nothing is free; you just got to pay,
Life is quite boring,
Prefer to sleep; dreaming away and snoring, So why are we still living?

Are we so stupid for just believing?
So why are we still standing here?
Are we living in a small round sphere?
So why are we still moving on?
Are we nuts or some-thing's going on?

David - It's strange

The Fact of Life is....

Life is beautiful,
Appreciate it or you are a fool,
Life is God-Given,
Lovely and precious, never rotten,
Life is eternal,
A nature planted in every internal,
Life don't end in this world,
You are His beloved journal,
Life is with a purpose,
Before you go on crying, identify it first,
Life on Earth - a temporary assignment,
Just to fulfill your mission,
Life is not just what is seen,
But it is also the unseen,
Life is not only one-way,
Easy or hard, you lead yourself day by day,
Life is short on earth,
Treasure it before mortality meets death,
For living life is not so easy,
To encounter all, do have faith in Him completely!!

Do you know how precious you are in His Eyes?
Don't live life with full of lies.
Do you seek for His Graceful Hands?
Don't you know you are one of the selected sands?
Do you think you can do this alone?
Don't just stay there and mourn!

Antonia - You are strange! ;P

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