Jun 4, 2009

Just For Fun!

Happy happy together selalu,
Sometimes I also got busy like you,
Sometimes got play games with you,
Sometimes also got merajuk with you,

You joking "blablabla", I laughing "hahaha"
Sometimes I think we really gila-gila,
Sometimes we also got serious ma,
Sometimes I think forever we will go lalala..

I go class, you sleeping,
Sometimes drag you to the pool I wishing,
Sometimes want to buy you a clock goes RING RING RING!!!
Sometimes I just lie beside you, also sleeping.

You computer, I also computer,
Sometimes we didn't even talk to each other,
Sometimes talk about father mother,
Sometimes share share emails we get together-gather.

Every 3 hours will hungry-hungry,
Sometimes think of food angry-angry,
Sometimes no food feel lousy-lousy,
But together we are always happy-happy!

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