Jul 23, 2009

The Giant Slayer

As he picked up his 5 stones,
From the ever flowing rivers,
He chose the smoothest stones,
Five is only what he gathers.

In his little journey,
Stone of the Past reveal,
What he learnt from his memory,
Experience of his life, none could steal.

In his heart and mind,
Stone of Prayer sang,
In bad times, and in times when he was fine,
Power he gain, sharp as fang.

Aiming his shot to the giant,
Stone of Priority flew,
Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,
And all these shall be added unto you.

Into the earth, the giant was plunging,
Stone of Passion glare,
Alert, fire in him kept burning,
Towards the giant with anticipation, eyes flare.

Picking up the sword, giant slayed,
Stone of Persistence keep,
Never giving up, everyday,
Motto of live, inside kept deep.

Five stones were rough,
Smoothen without recess,
All these are tough,
Life is a process.