Jul 18, 2009

Sun and Flower

As much as she could, brightly shining,
Open rays of hers, sweetly smiling,
Sunny and cheerful day.

Little flower bud, swiftly growing,
Happy was the Sun, sightly watching,
Naturally like sisters to play.

Colourful flowers, quickly blooming,
As little flower spreads her loving,
Protects each other at the bay.

Passion of fire burning,
Sun shines her light unfailing,
But face of little flower turns away.

All Sun needs was hands of helping,
To keep the pastures greening,
Pain she felt, feeling gray.

How much she gave words encouraging,
Turns back words disappointing,
Eventhough plans lead successfully its way.

Flower grow without sense of belonging,
Everything sun did felt like nothing,
Deeply in Him, let come what may.

Happy Sun when Flower swaying,
By the winds as she looks rejoicing,
A prayer for her for a life full of gay.

Acceptance of Sun always forgiving,
Words of unfaith, discouraging,
May flower trusts her ability as foundations lay.

Flower in emotions, spirit life in stiring,
Strong she is, as the sun is believing,
Humble heart, moulding clay.

Bitter and sweet, matter of relating,
Trust is all ever she have as giving,
May trust is shared, never slay.

-antonia f.l.lim-

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