Jul 3, 2009

Princess Free Fall - After Silence

Gone was one moon and a half,
Fact of life is always tough,
Let it free and moving on,
No longer time to mourn,
Rapunzel let down her hair,
Things done fair and square.

Tigger upgraded as wise old owl,
Life stories analyst, a "thank you" bow,
Man of the Wood went on with his life,
As she sees him happier, a motivation drive,
Sensei likes thrills and doing things crazy,
Sets a club for fans in FB.

Friends in Pearl of the Orient settling down,
Mushrooming babies in the little town,
Peers of hers came to meet her up,
Hugs and kisses and lots of catch up,
New friends appears as she walked into new places,
Making memories together with new faces.

Mother is not as stern as ever,
As long as Rapunzel is clever,
To make sure that she is not in danger,
Going out late nights and whenever,
At least a person to be with her,
Til her door steps, everything clear.

Rapunzel had a perfect dream,
But it was not for anyone to win,
Lost was the dream as memories faded,
As time ticks as she felt jaded,
Gone was the perfect dream,
As left was him.

Building up again an ideal dream,
No mistakes should be in,
Careful selection of its material,
Decision made will be for real,
A strong house made with strong base,
God is the answer in this case.

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