Nov 27, 2009

Princess Free Fall:- Hope Not Found

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,
Above I shall climb the stair,
Letting down her hair out from her tower,
Not knowing who has called from the lower.

It was just an invitation,
For friends, a little celebration,
Heart called out for his presence,
Dismay, he's out the field outside the fence.

What can words say,
It's all her support day by day,
Freedom dispersed in the air,
He may not climb her long hair.

Party still had to go on,
Heart never dare to hope on,
Priorities are different,
Give is all she had always given.

Strength in faith she relies,
Positivity ever she eyes,
For without him, hearts are close,
Just a tear, never going to lose.

Hope on his promises,
The only can she believes,
Hope in heart greatly abound,
Physically, a hope not found.

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