Jan 30, 2010

Why I Like it Longer

Just as I thought of it,
It just carved a smile on my face,
As eyes twinkled staring at it.

Longer feels nice and sleek,
Just made me heart raced,
Ooooh, I felt hot on my cheeks.

A feeling of lust seduction,
Makes me needing the touch of it,
Me and it, a law of attraction.

As it gave me its ringing notion,
Slipping out from the pants,
Motioning to its function.

Communicating my senses,
Loving much its sensitivity,
Seeing through its lenses.

Yes, let me do the control,
Capture me as memo,
All over it my fingers patrol.

Made me high reaching the sky,
A breathless 4 inches long,
Oooh, I really like it and this is why...

LG Chocolate phone (BL40)
*click on link for more info*

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