Nov 10, 2009

What If....

What if noise stopped its reminder,
What if life uncolored turns purple,
What if new life in foreign land,
What if things went out of hand,
Should I.....?
Would I.....?

What if decisions made and time never waits,
What if flight took off and it was too late,
What if nothing could stop it,
What if nothing stops the heart beat,
Must I....?
Can I....?

What if everything isn't the same,
What if it wasn't according to plan,
What if life was even harder,
What if balloons became lighter,
How do I....?
What do I....?

What if words were not action,
What if action was not completion,
What if completion was aimed not,
What if aimed was merely just a knot,
Why am I....?
Who am I....?

Tired is he the mind kept running,
As the clock never stopped ticking,
Pausing to find her heart stomping,
Having the couple hands do their typing,
Breathe oh air into lungs of suffocation,
Resting eyes for relaxation.

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