Apr 7, 2011


 Appear it was the sunny light,
Away in the air, she went alight,
Lifted high, a new world sight.

Shivery air felt she did,
As winter is at its closing lid,
Into her thick wear, she hid.

Sze Chuan food her tummy fits,
Garden of jade she first visits,
Trying new things, curiosity hits.

A great walk along its river,
Iconic pearl tower glittering shines over,
One day top of it, she would lever.

Canton cuisine to Vietnamese,
A good meal, the custom of Chinese,
Due to disaster, sadly no Japanese.

Busy roads, crowded subways,
Crazy drivers, left and right she sways,
Hanging on to life, safety she prays.

Lovely park one day she strolls,
Kung fu trainings, skater rolls,
Saxophonist made its ambient jolls.

People swarming here and there,
Xu Jia Hui, in the middle of nowhere,
Directionless, in the shopping sphere.

Tian Zhi Fang the maze of art,
Old buildings, a shopping cart,
Home she brought, creative heart.

Into the largest Apple center she went,
For grown-ups, a huge play tent,
After work, stresses vent.

Up to the Ritz, dark was it an attic,
Iced wine plus soft music, terrific,
Mesmerized she was, view in panoramic.

A nice Italian get-to-know lunch,
Exchange of info, in her vege-munch,
Prevention of tummy hunch.

In they went, a church so ancient,
Friendly gestures, time needs patient,
"Wait upon the Lord", the day's quotient.

Walking along the little street,
Trust it was her follow feet,
Lu Xun, writes her first meet.

Tea and rest in an old theater,
Point of views, sparks a chatter,
Sniffing cold, may it gets better.

Taobao a land of shops,
Comes a salesman in he pops,
Aggressive like bunny he hops.

End a day with a hot soup noodle,
Simple and nice, none to grumble,
Acquaintance paints color of purple.

Days of labor, experience increase,
Problems discussed, solutions release,
Common understanding, smile and please.

Fly a kite, came a suggestion,
Weather cheers the warmth impression,
Work denies the delighted intention.

Final morning, the last look,
In the lovely park, reads her book,
Nice picnic place if she could cook.

Sounds of music birds composed,
Back to reality her heart proposed,
Knowing life is to go on as supposed.

Mind renewed, creativity aspires,
Tick of heartbeat, across the wires,
A visit again, gratefully she desires.

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