Aug 11, 2009

Schwarzkopf Experience - Part 1

As usual one day, I was doing my daily routine online after my dinner, I just checked through my Facebook, Multiply, Hotmail and Gmail before I go to bed and I got a Facebook message from an unknown Malay lady asking me if I would like to try out for a hair cast.

I was unsure for that moment as I do not know what are the details as there were many internet scams around. Therefore I replied her asking her for more details. Well, she added me and her whole profile made me had more confident with her as she is the same age as me working for a creative agent - DotStudio. Telling me that it is at Henkel Malaysia - I am confident this was not a scam. *relieved*

So, there was I, in the morning at Menara TM @ Henkel Malaysia @ Schwarzkopf's Studio which another 18 other models. Only 3 of us are from DotStudio agent while the others were from Paul's Agency. There I met the other two models - Fara, student in hair profession and a part time model and Angeline, IT Lecturer in MMU and a part time model & TV cast. The others from Paul's agency were mostly professionals by their looks, skinny, great make ups, great confident walks... I was definitely a stranger or an alien there... but Fara was so bubbly, she was telling me that she was the only Malay there - but I think that she needs to be proud of that! lol... Fara and Angeline were very beautiful. :)

Well, we waited quite long for them to start... as we waited for the Schwarzkopf Ambassador, Tom Kroboth:-

He was really nice, in fact, the whole team was very nice - they tolerate those models that do not want to have short hair, those who can't make it on whichever day, they rescheduled their programs. For more reads about him:
Tom Kroboth

First, they tell us of what kind of hairstyle they are going to do as they prepared for their seminar for the Schwarzkopf group from all around the world for the Fall Autumn Season for 2009... pictures were not in the net yet - I hope I can get some pictures from Schwarzkopf during that day.

Then Tom and his team had a look of each of us one by one to ask of our preferences. I got the 80s look. He will cut, color and style my hair. They will provide me a designer dress - my favorite green!! plus make up artists provided, shoes and accessories... *excited*

Well, it is not a public event but being able to meet up with an ambassador of one of the most famous brand in the world.... touching my virgin hair... it's like overly exciting! lol... Well... yea, only my hair is the virgin hair... other model's already had their hair straightened, curled and others... As for the guys - there were 4 of them extremely tall and handsome!! but they were disqualified because their hair were too short - any guys out there with long fringe for daring cuts?? I will intro you to be a model too. :P

Anyway, back to the story... other models were so calmed and as if they knew what they are going through... I am like... wowed by them. :) We changed into the dresses for that day - they took picture of us just to remember what are we on that day...

Well, 18th of August - 0730 [still thinking how to explain to my boss!!!!], I need to be at the studio for the seminar... hope I can get to know the world wide hairstylists from Schwarzkopf as much as I can... :)

That is the power of Facebook :P I have widened my networks...


  1. hehe...on the Aug 18th, take mc xD

  2. wooohooo another one of my friend is a model now!!!! feeeeewitt wink wink