Aug 22, 2009

Schwarzkopf Experience Part 2

It was early morning I woke up and got ready, took my cereal breakfast and off I went to TM Tower. 0730 was the time I need to be there, but looking at my time and the slight jam, my pumpkin's radio showed 0710... I thought I was late, but I reached Henkel Malaysia, on time.

I saw Fara, Judy and another model was sitting at the receptionist waiting for the artists, stylists to arrive - then Li May came. We had a cup of hot chocolate/coffee at the pantry, then came the make up artist. He get his cup of coffee and we start off with my make up.

I am a chemist and I work in a small lab in a factory. I deal with lots of workers and production site people. I never wore make up to work - but only dress up for functions, events, church and weekends. My make up artist was a little unhappy about my brows... I never shaped them or keep them symmetrical.... In fact - my hair was 4 years not touched by any saloon - I am all natural.

He got his skills into work, sighing for awhile and few minutes later he got to the foundations, my eyes - and he realized I am not used to make up as he puts the eye liner for me - I was always blinking my eyes... I guess one of the requirement of a model is not to blink the eyes when eyeliner being painted to your eyes! Then Kroboth and Sascha came into the room. Making the ambient into a cheery one, we greeted each other a good morning.

Checking with Tom Kroboth about my make up, he got the idea how the boss wants me to look like. Half way, Tom gave us a short training on stage cat walk, where we need to show off the hair and the hair color. Then I continued my make up artist's session. He puts the fake lashes, painted my lips to a sexier lips and off I went with the 2 Schwarzkopf ladies to get my hair washed and conditioned.

They dress the models in Schwarzkopf bathrobes, then sat me on the back stage as I was the first to be up on stage. First they introduced Tom's bio-data - I think he is a great guy, he was from Vidal Sassoon for some years before he joined Schwarzkopf. He is flexible, artistic, creative and doesn't let any disappointments to get into his mood. Just a sarcastic remark from him, and that is it, he arranges back the event into order. I would like this kind of a boss - a problem solver. He won many awards in the fashion world, a make up artist too himself and worked on many famous models before. I am wowed by the fact that I know him for this short while.... His assistant Rohn Sascha, also great - very calm at all times and also a smooth process person.

Then Tom introduced how he was inspired with the style that he is going to teach them. He even thought of cheaper hairstyles to suit the economic crisis. For that day, he would show them the 40s, 80s, Dark Amazons, and Out of Shape styles. Then I was called out to stage as Tom held my hands and ushered me to the seat on stage and started to get to work. I just seat there and be a model! lol...

I learnt that hairstylists are like geophysicist. They have maps for the head and hairlines and numbered them. Tom also thought the academy/Schwarzkopf group and important lesson - to be precise and detailed at the start and always check where you are going at mid ways so that you do not need to do lots of corrections later on, the hair may go shorter and shorter and your client wouldn't come back to you again. Well, it applies to life too.

It just took Tom around 30 minutes to get my hair cut and blown while teaching the academy. Then I was led off stage. The background back ups, quickly touched up my make up and re-adhere my lashes. The make up artist face lightened up and was so surprised with my looks and he was so happy and said I look completely different. Back again to stage for the next session - Hair Color.

Tom was back stage while the team members came up to stage to teach on the hair color. While the lady was presenting, another lady was doing the color. 30 minutes later, I was directed back to the room and they continued with the coloring.

Time was extremely little, and the lady who did my hair, did the wrong color... they had to redo the color and there where 2 ladies doing my hair which quick hands! 20 minutes to do the hair, rushed me to wash the hair, then in the room, I undress in front of everyone! but the ladies helped me and get into my dress
and accessories. Sascha blow my hair dry and there I was going to the stage for the cat walk - no smiles - just show the hair off..

Tom talks about the hair for the 4 models of the day... and :) my job was done.