Aug 14, 2011

Walk of Liberty

Holding earth in her palm,
Smell of dust, where she came,
The flower she held, her birth land,
Staring visions into the horizon,
There she saw, the glorious flag,
A patriotic song dances through,
Heart of strength, a voice she sung,
Lives of future, her standing end,
Freedom of souls, she avenged,
The growing crowd, the intensity,
Hand in hand, heart to heart,
The walk of faith, a peace march,
One vision she knew them clearly,
The walk as an individual soon to change,
To the walk of unity as one nation,
Freedom, a grace from God,
None could ever steal from one's heart,
Truth she knew,
Fear not she says, to stand in,
For what she believed in,
Justice is worth the battle,
For freedom a nation rise,
Emerging as a rising sun,
Purity, a change of maturity,
A day not forgotten for the tens thousands,
Throughout the world, a voice is heard,
Without shame, without complain,
Patriotism, a nation displayed,
She knew liberty is in the nation,
The security she knew, her future saved,
Lifting up her sunflower,
Into the air of her nation breathed,
A memorial day she walked,
Making the difference.

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