Apr 21, 2010

Man of My Life

Since a child, he cherished me,
Love and hate, times we grew,
Ups and down, putting through,
Risk taker, adventurous,
A dreamer, a joker,
The man of my life.

Nothing had I ever imagined,
Surprises after surprises,
Bitter sweet, storms and quakes,
Summer and springs, went all through,
Tears and joy, life went on,
With the man of my life.

Pride of a lion, bites me,
Work of his hands, feeds me,
Joy of his soul, delights me,
Quietly, protecting my life,
Lovingly, hope I do fine,
Hoping I chose his replica as a man of my life.

With less expression, I concerned,
Silently, heart was crushed,
Seeing him under pressures of life,
Determined for his burdens lifted up,
To the end, I will fight, for his stake,
Prayer is the only answer of life.

I love you, Dad.

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