Feb 6, 2010


I have been your obedient daughter.
I have studied hard to make you proud.
I have not been hanging out with friends to make you not worried.
I have tried to be as best as I can.
I have cried without your knowledge.
I have been strong in front of you.
I don't touch anything without your permission.
I work hard.
I gave you all I have.

But you still think I am selfish.
But you still think I am worthless.
But you still think I am worst person in the whole world.
But you still think I am disobedient.

Why can't I choose my own partner?
Why it has to be your way?
Why you think my choice is the worst?
Why must you force me to make a choice to make you happy?
Why must you force me to lie to you even more?
Why must you force me?

I never dared to answer you.
In your anger, I am silent.
In your worries, I am a liar.
In your sadness, I am your shadow.
In your pride, I am worthless.

She has no reasons why can't I choose him.
I can never answer her why I love him
Cause she told me before she doesn't want to hear anything about him.

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